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Brisbane River

The Brisbane River is situated in south east Queensland and flows through the state capital Brisbane. It empties into Moreton Bay.

The river is dammed by the Wivenhoe Dam, forming Lake Wivenhoe, the main water supply for Brisbane.

The river was named after the Governor of New South Wales Sir Thomas Brisbane by the explorer John Oxley in 1823.

Travelling from the mouth of the river upstream, the Brisbane River is crossed by 12 major bridges:

  1. Gateway (veh)
  2. Story (veh,ped)
  3. Captain Cook (veh)
  4. Goodwill (ped)
  5. Victoria (veh,ped)
  6. William Jolly (veh,ped)
  7. Merivale (rail)
  8. Jack Pesch (ped)
  9. Albert (rail)
  10. Unnamed railway bridge
  11. Walter Taylor (veh,ped)
  12. Centenary (veh,ped)

The following tributaries flow into the Brisbane River:

  • Breakfast Creek
  • Bremer River
  • Bulimba Creek
  • Lockyer Creek
  • Oxley Creek
  • Norman Creek
  • Stanley River
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