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Bremen-Verden was a dominion of Sweden from 1648 to 1719, when it was ceded to Hanover in the Treaty of Stockholm. It came under Swedish control by the Peace of Westphalia, which concluded the Thirty Years' War, and consited of the bishoprics of Bremen and Verden.

By the peace treaty, Swedish jurisdiction also extended to the city of Bremen, but the city's refusal to submit to Swedish control gave cause to two wars. The First Bremian War in 1654 resulted in the Recess of Stede , where the main issue was left unresolved, but the city agreed to pay tribute and levy taxes to the Swedish king. The Second Bremian War in 1666 was on the whole an unsuccessful attempt on the Swedish side to assert its authority over the city.

The town of Wildeshausen was situated as an exclave to the main territory of the dominion. In 1679, following the Treaty of Nijmegen, it was pawned to the Prince-Bishop of Münster, in exchange for a loan of 100,000 Riksdaler.


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