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Bishop of London

The current Bishop of London is Richard John Carew Chartres, who is the 132nd Bishop, and was installed on January 26, 1996.

The Diocese of London covers 177 square miles (458 km²), and 17 London boroughs. It is third in importance in the Church of England after the Archdioceses of Canterbury and York. The Bishop is one of five senior bishops, alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, the Bishop of Durham, and the Bishop of Winchester, who sit as of right in the House of Lords.

Because the Bishop's diocese includes the Royal palaces and the seat of government at Westminster, he has been regarded as the 'King's bishop' and has historically had considerable influence with members of the Royal Family and leading politicians of the day.

The Bishop of London's 'home church' is St Paul's Cathedral and his residence was formerly Fulham Palace although, from the eighteenth century, London House, next to the Bishop's Chapel in Aldersgate Street, was where he had his chambers, and was used as a more convenient place for the Bishop to conduct his affairs.

Bishops of London

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