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Big Day Out

The Big Day Out is an annual one day music festival which tours Australasia. It mainly features contemporary rock music, though there is also the "Boiler Room" which features electronic music and variety of other stages which feature slightly less mainstream acts, including a stage dedicated to hip hop.



The festival began in 1992 as a Sydney-only show, and was extended in 1993 to Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. In 1994, shows in Auckland, New Zealand, and the Gold Coast were added. In 1997 it was announced that that year's event would the last. The following year promoters, Vivian Lees and Ken West, organised a predominantly electronic and dance festival, however the event was cancelled, and the Big Day Out returned in 1999.

The festival was struck by tragedy in 2001, when teenager Jessica Michalik was crushed to death in a crowd surge during a performance by Limp Bizkit. The coroner's finding criticised the crowd control measures in use at the time, but also criticised lead singer Fred Durst for "alarming and inflammatory" comments when a rescue effort was underway. Subsequent shows in 2002, 2003 and 2004 have featured a "D-barricade" (a different barricade design reducing the risk of a crowd crush).

In 2004, due to the popularity of the Sydney event, a historic second event was announced for Sydney - the first and so far only time this has happened in the festival's history. The line-up for both days was same except for the smaller local acts.


Notable acts that have played the festival include the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Silverchair, Metallica, Nirvana, and the Foo Fighters, amongst many other notable acts from the region and around the world. The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, and Censored page have played in the Boiler Room.

Artist lineups by year


Beasts Of Bourbon , Box The Jesuits , Celibate Rifles , Cosmic Psychos , The Clouds, Club Hoy , Died Pretty, Falling Joys , The Hard Ons with Henry Rollins Hellmen , Massappeal , The Meanies , Nirvana, Smudge , Sound Unlimited Posse , Rat Cat , The Village Idiots , Violent Femmes, The Welcome Mat , Yothu Yindi, You Am I


Beast Of Bourbon , Censored page, The Clouds, Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy , The Hard Ons , Iggy Pop, Mudhoney, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Sonic Youth, You Am I

Melbourne and Sydney only: Helmet and Not Drowning Waving


All venues: The Breeders, The Cruel Sea, Smashing Pumpkins, Straitjacket Fits , Soundgarden, Tumbleweed , Def Fx,

Australia only: Björk, The Meanies , The Ramones, Severed Heads, Teenage Fanclub, Tiddas

Melbourne and Sydney only: Primus and Dave Graney

Melb, Syd, Gold Coast, and Adelaide only: DJ Pee Wee Ferris , DJ Sugar Ray , Itch-E & Scratch-E

Melb, Syd and Perth only: Celibate Rifles

Melb, Syd and Auckland only: Urge Overkill

Melb and G.C. only: Powderfinger and Robert Forster

Syd, G.C. and Adel only: TISM and Screamfeeder

Syd and G.C. only: Southend

Syd and Adel only: The Mark of Cain and Boxcar

G.C. and Auck. only: You Am I and The Hard Ons


Ministry, Primal Scream, Hole(Auck, Melb, Syd), The Cult, The Offspring (Auck, Melb, Syd, Adel, Perth), Screaming Trees (Aust. only), Luscious Jackson, Fundamental (band) , The Clouds, You Am I, Silverchair, Allegiance , Kim Salmon (Aust. only), The Fireballs (Aust. only), The Mark of Cain (Aust. only), 3D's , Fur (Aust. only), DJ Pee Wee Ferris (Aust. only), DJ Sugar Ray (Aust. only), Vision Four 5 (Aust. only), Snog (Aust. only), Cosmic Psychos (Melb, G.C., Adel), Sisters Underground , Omc , Magic Dirt (Melb, Syd, G.C.), Supergroove (Auck, Melb, Syd), Dave Graney (Melb, Syd), Spiderbait (Melb,Syd), Southend (Syd, G.C., Adel), Single Gun Theory (Melb, Syd, G.C.), Boxcar (G.C., Syd, Adel), Severed Heads (Auck, Syd), Front End Loader (Melb, G.C.), Mantissa (Melb, Adel)


Porno For Pyros , Rage Against The Machine, Elastica, The Prodigy (Aust. only), Rancid , The Jesus Lizard, Tricky (Auck, G.C., Syd, Melb), Billy Bragg (Auck, G.C., Syd, Melb), Reef (G.C., Syd,Melb), Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds , TISM, Tumbleweed , Regurgitator, Spiderbait, Radio Birdman (Aust. only), Shihad, Dirty Three (Aust. only), Sidewinder (Aust. only), Magic Dirt (Aust. only), Ammonia (Aust. only), Custard (G.C., Syd, Melb, Perth), Powderfinger (G.C., Syd, Melb), Pollyanna (G.C., Syd, Melb, Adel), DJ Sugar Ray (G.C., Syd, Melb, Adel), Single Gun Theory (G.C., Syd, Adel, Perth), Southend (G.C., Syd), Even (Syd, Melb, Adel), Amunda (Syd, Adel), Continuum (Syd, Melb), Groove Terminator (Adel, Perth), FSOM (Aust. only)


Soundgarden, The Offspring, The Prodigy, Fear Factory, Supergrass, Shonen Knife, Lemonheads (Auck), Patti Smith (G.C., Syd, Melb), Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Melb, Syd), Rocket From The Crypt (Syd, Adel), Aphex Twin (Melb, Syd), You Am I, Powderfinger, Beasts Of Bourbon , Tiddas , Dave Graney and The Coral Snakes , Boo Boo Mace and Nutcase , Superjesus (Aust. only), Snout (Aust. only), The Clouds (G.C., Syd, Perth), Insurge (G.C., Melb, Syd), Screamfeeder (G.C., Syd), Even (G.C., Melb, Adel), Drop City (G.C., Syd, Adel), Severed Heads (G.C., Syd), Dlt (G.C., Melb, Syd, Adel), Omc (Aust. only), FSOM (G.C., Melb, Syd), Bexta (G.C., Syd, Adel, Perth), Pocket (G.C., Adel, Perth), Frenzal Rhomb (Melb, Syd, Adel, Perth), The Fauves (Melb, Syd), The Mavis's (Melb, Adel)


Ash. Deejay Punk-Roc , Fatboy Slim, Fun Lovin' Criminals (Auck, G.C., Syd, Melb), Hole, Korn, Luke Slater Freek Funk , Manic Street Preachers (Syd, Melb, Adel, Perth), Marilyn Manson, Roni Size, Sean Lennon, Soulfly, Underworld (Syd, Melb), Sparklehorse (Auck, G.C., Syd, Melb), Warumpi Band (Aust. only), Regurgitator, Powderfinger, Jebediah, The Living End, Superjesus, Garageland (Auck, G.C., Syd), Fur (Aust. only), Sonic Animation, Bexta (Aust. only), Ransom (Aust. only), Groove Terminator , Happyland (G.C., Syd, Melb, Adel), TISM (Syd, Melb), Antenna (G.C., Syd, Melb), Even (Aust. only), Not From There (Aust. only), Bodyjar (Aust. only), The Mark of Cain (Melb, Perth), Resin Dogs (G.C., Syd), B(if)tek (Syd, Melb), Frontside (Syd, Melb), Coda (G.C., Syd), Soma Rasa (G.C., Syd)


Atari Teenage Riot, Censored page, Beth Orton, Blink 182, The Chemical Brothers, The Foo Fighters, Goldie & MC Rage , Hardknox (Auck, G.C., Syd, Melb), The Hellacopters, Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, Nine Inch Nails, Primal Scream (Aust. only), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ozomatli (Syd, Melb), 28 Days (G.C., Syd, Melb), Chunky Move (Aust. only), The Cruel Sea (Aust. only), Gerling (Aust. only), Grinspoon, Honeysmack (Aust. only), Icecream Hands (G.C., Melb, Adel, Perth), Jebediah (Aust. only), Josh Abrahams & Amiel Daemion (Aust. only), Killing Heidi (Syd, Melb), Magic Dirt (Aust. only), The Monarchs (G.C., Syd), Nokturnl (Aust. only), Peewee Ferris , Pitch Black (Auck, G.C., Syd, Melb), Pound System (Aust. only), Resin Dogs (Aust. only), Salmonella Dub (Auck, G.C., Syd, Melb), Sean Quinn (Aust. only), Shihad, Six Ft Hick ( Melb, Adel), Something For Kate (G.C., Syd, Melb), Spiderbait, Testeagles ( G.C., Syd, Melb, Adel), Yothu Yindi


At The Drive-In (G.C., Syd, Melb), Black Eyed Peas (Auck, G.C., Syd, Melb, Perth), Coldplay, Darren Emerson , Happy Mondays, Limp Bizkit (Auck, G.C., Syd), Mudvayne, PJ Harvey, Placebo, Queens Of The Stone Age (Syd,Melb,Adel,Perth), Rammstein, Roni Size Reprazent , Zoo Bombs , Carl Cox, Adam Freeland , Sugardrive (Syd, Adel, Perth), 28 Days, Alex Lloyd (Aust. only), The Avalanches (Aust. only), Bexta , Frenzal Rhomb, Friendly, John Butler Trio (G.C., Syd, Melb), Killing Heidi, Nitocris (Aust. only), Powderfinger, Pnau, Resin Dogs , Skulker (G.C., Syd, Melb), Sunk Loto (Aust. only), Sonic Animation (Aust. only), You Am I (Aust. only), King Kapisi (Auck, G.C., Syd, Melb), Greg Churchill , Declan (G.C., Syd, Adel, Perth), Coloured Stone (G.C., Syd, Melb), Augie March (G.C., Melb, Adel), The Go-Betweens (Aust. only), Digital Primate (G.C, Syd, Melb)


The Prodigy, Garbage, New Order, The Crystal Method, NOFX, Jurassic 5, Dave Clarke , System of a Down (Auck & East Coast), Alien Ant Farm (Auck & East Coast), The White Stripes, Kosheen, Drowning Pool, Peaches (Auck & East Coast), The Tea Party (Adel, Perth), Tomahawk (Adel, Perth), Audio Active (Auck & East Coast), Censored page, Amen , Silverchair, Regurgitator, Grinspoon (Aust only), Stephen Allkins (Aust only), Gerling, Something for Kate (Aust only), Spiderbait (Aust only), Magic Dirt (Aust only), Superheist (Aust only), Eskimo Joe (Aust only), The Monarchs (Aust only), Machine Gun Fellatio (Aust only), GT (Aust only), Sonic Animation (Aust only), Betchadupa (Auck, GC, Syd, Melb), Sean Quinn (Aust only), Shutterspeed (GC, Syd), Dern Rutlidge (Syd, Melb), Shihad


Jane's Addiction, Underworld (NZ and East Coast only), The Foo Fighters, Kraftwerk, The Music , Luke Slater , Chicks On Speed , Wilco, Gonzales, Jebediah, Murderdolls, PJ Harvey, Sparta, Xzibit (NZ and East Coast only), Cog, Jimmy Eat World (Syd - Mel - Adel - Perth), Machine Gun Fellatio, The Waifs, DJ Kid Kenobi , Millencolin, Waikiki , You Am I, Jebediah, Queens Of The Stoneage , The Living End, Augie March, Deftones, Mark Dynamix , Resin Dogs , Darren Price (East Coast only), The Vines (Aust only), Blindspott (Auck only), Concord Dawn (Auck only), Frenzal Rhomb (Aust only), Pitch Black (Auck only), The D4 (Auck only), The Hard Ons (Aust only), Wash (Auck only), DJ Sir Vere (Auck only), Bexta (Aust only), 1200 Techniques (Aust only), 28 Days, 8 Foot Sativa (Auck only), Dry And Heavy (Syd & Melb), Eight (Auck only), King Kapisi (Auck only), Pacifier (Shihad), Panam (Auck only), Pnau (Syd & Melb), Preshrunk (Syd & Melb), Rocket Science (Aust only), Tadpole (Auck only), The Datsuns (Auck only)


Metallica, The Strokes, The Dandy Warhols, Mars Volta, The Flaming Lips, Censored page, Aphex Twin, Black Eyed Peas, Peaches, The Datsuns, Hoodoo Gurus, Something For Kate, Gerling, Jet, MC Trey , Downsyde , The Butterfly Effect, Magic Dirt


Beastie Boys, System Of A Down, Chemical Brothers, The Music , The Streets, Slipknot, Carl Cox, Powderfinger, Grinspoon, John Butler Trio, Concord Dawn, The Donnas, The D4, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Regurgitator, Scribe and P Money, Freestylers, Le Tigre, Kid 606, Deceptikonz , Atmosphere, Hatebreed

The Hives (NZ and East Coast Aus Only), Polyphonic Spree (NZ and East Coast Aus Only) , Spiderbait (Aus Only), Hilltop Hoods (Aus Only), Eskimo Joe (Aus Only), Infusion (Aus Only), Butterfingers (Aus Only), Little Birdy (Aus Only), Dallas Crane (Aus Only), Misfits Of Science (NZ Only), The Bleeders (NZ Only), Trinity Roots (NZ Only), Steriogram (NZ Only), Shihad (NZ Only), Wolfmother (Aus Only), Decoder Ring (Aus Only), Bexta (Aus Only), Dimmer (NZ Only), Pluto (NZ Only), Shapeshifter (NZ Only), DJ Sir Vere (NZ Only), Dei Hamo (NZ Only), The Checks (NZ Only)

With more to come.


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