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Beverley is a market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, north of Kingston-upon-Hull, east of Market Weighton and west of Hornsea.

It is best known for Beverley Minster and its racecourse , also for Beverley Friary and a fine medieval church, St Mary's, reflecting its former status as a wealthy wool-trading town. In the 14th century, Beverley was classed as the eleventh richest town in England.

Beverley was the seat of the Beverley borough in the administrative county of Humberside from 1974 to 1996. It is now the seat of the East Riding of Yorkshire (as it also was before 1974). RAF Leconfield airbase is nearby. There is a Beverley linux users group in the town.

Beverley is also home to the oldest state school in England: Beverley Grammar School (founded 700 AD).

Beverley was built on fines. The local courts used to fine traders that gave short weight or poor quality. That is why it was one of the finest towns to trade in. You know you were getting high quality, otherwise the seller would end up with a fine. Traders from all over England used to head for Beverley to trade.

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