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To banjax something means to break, damage or ruin it (Irish derivation)

To be banjaxed is to be totally defeated or broken (Irish usage, mainly, popularised by Terry Wogan)

Banjax was established by Darryl Collins, Richard Morss and Alastair McIlwain in December 2001.

The Banjax group is registered in the Republic of Ireland with subsidiary operations in London (Banjax Entertainment) and Belfast (Banjax Studios). The company can position itself as either an Irish company or a British company for co-production in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Banjax productions

TV series


  • A to Death of Aging


  • Darryl Collins, Chief Executive and Co-founder
  • Richard Morss, Managing Director and Co-founder
  • Alastair McIlwain, Director of Animation and Co-founder
  • Roberta Jimenez, Head of Marketing
  • Dale Newton, Head of Visual Development
  • Aisling O’Brien, Head of Production

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