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Aqua (band)

Aqua is a Danish pop-dance band which consisted of Lene Grawford Nystrøm (born 2 October 1973, Tønsberg, Norway), René Dif (born 17 October 1967, Copenhagen, Denmark), Claus Norréen (born 5 June 1970, Charlottenlund , Denmark) and Søren Rasted (born 13 June 1969, Blovstrød , Denmark). The group gained worldwide recognition with the multi-platinum international hit "Barbie Girl", which garnered a fair share of controversy because of a lawsuit filed by Barbie-maker Mattel (the lawsuit was later dismissed). "Barbie Girl" is the 15th best selling single of all time in the UK. Altogether, Aqua's two albums and singles sold 28 million copies worldwide before the group broke up in 2001, making it the best selling Danish group ever.

Three of the four members continued their careers in the music business. Lene Nystrøm released an album and a few singles for herself, Søren Rasted starred as a judge and producer on Danish Popstars-shows, while René Dif released some singles, and later on started working on the project called "Lazyboy".


  • Aquarium (1997)
  • Aquarius (2000)

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