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Human physical appearance

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Variation in the physical appearance of humans is believed by anthropologists to be an important factor in the development of personality and social relations in particular physical attractiveness. There is a relatively low Censored page between human males and females in comparison with other mammals.

However humans are acutely sensitive to variations in physical appearance for reasons of evolution.

Some people have traditionally linked some differences in personal appearance such as skeletal shape with race, such as prognathism or elongated stride (but this is a controversial and sensitive matter).

Some differences in human appearance are genetic, others are the result of age or disease, and many are the result of personal adornment.

A dandy is a man who devotes particular attention to his physical appearance.


Physiological differences in human physical appearance from individual to individual

Long-term physiological changes in an individual

Short-term physiological changes in an individual

Clothing and personal effects

Other functional objects, temporarily attached to the body

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