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Map of Anjouan
Map of Anjouan

Anjouan (also known as Ndzuwani) is an island in the Comoros. The island is located in the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Mutsamudu and its population as of 1991 is about 189,000.


In about 1500 the sultanate of Ndzuwani was founded, which took over the entire island. The island came under French protection in 1866.

It was annexed by France in 1912 and the sultanate was crushed. Anjouan joined the Comoros nation when it became independent in 1975.

In 1997, the islands of Anjouan and Moheli declared their independence from Comoros. A subsequent attempt by the government to reestablish control over the rebellious islands by force failed, and presently the African Union is brokering negotiations to effect a reconciliation. For more detail, see History of Comoros.

Map of Comoros and Southern Africa
Map of Comoros and Southern Africa

Postage stamps

In 1892 the French omnibus Navigation and Commerce issue of postage stamps included types specifically intended for use in Anjouan. These were inscribed "SULTANAT / D'ANJOUAN". A series of surcharged values issued in 1912 was available for use in Madagascar and all of the Comoros, and thereafter stamps of Madagascar were used. In 1950 Anjouan used the stamps of the Comoros.

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