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For the span of recorded history starting roughly 5,000-5,500 years ago, see Ancient history. For the fictional Stargate builders, see Ancient (Stargate).

Ancient is a Norwegian band that, while not really troll metal, had troll metal themes on their 1994 EP 'Trolltaar'. The band started as a solo project of guitarist Aphazel in 1992, subsequently adding drummer Grimm. Time went; they released their debut album, shortly after which Grimm left the band. Aphazel then moved to the United States, formed a new line-up and became obsessed with vampirism. Ancient used to have a raw black metal sound, similar to Darkthrone's blacker works. Beginning with The Canaan Chronicle, they moved towards a more Nordic/atmospheric blackmetal sound, like Emperor. After a period of turmoil concerning their line-up, including the exit of founder Aphazel, they went on to add Gothic-style instruments like violins, female vocals and synthesizers to their music. Most of their records, with the exception of Det Glemte Riket, have been issued on Metal Blade Records .


  • Svartalvheim (1994)
  • Trolltaar (1994) EP
  • The Cainian Chronicle (1996)
  • Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends (1997)
  • Halls of Eternity (1999)
  • Det Glemte Riket (1999)
  • Proxima Centauri (2001)
  • Night Visit (2004)

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