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Amusement may refer to the Amusement Industry such as traveling carnivals.

Amusement is the brain's perception of pleasing or entertaining actions or events. Amusement is interpreted in all animals, each animal with its own distinct way of displaying this feeling. Often people with certain illnesses will feel amusement without there truly being a cause or reason. This occurs in people with certain brain tumors, retardation , or minor diseases such as attention deficit disorders when the person is experiencing the effects of this disorder, or others.


Amusement can be caused by an infinite amount of events or actions. The most common ones are laughter or entertainment, while it can be triggered by pleasure or enjoyment. Its causes can either be happening at the moment amusement is experienced, or through recollection of such events.


Reactions to amusement vary in every animal, and having certain reactions that only animals of the same species can recognize. Humans will laugh or smile to display amusement, while other animals display amusement by running instead of walking, becoming more alert. Dogs will wag their tails or spin around when amused, while birds will chirp louder and more frequently than normal. Other animals such as racoons or bears may not do much to react to amusement. Occasionally, amusement is not reflected upon in certain cases, such as during sleep or a lack of care for the cause of a current state of enjoyment, as well as during illness or if a person has a disease preventing their brain interpreting amusement or responding to it.

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