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Agadir is a city in southwest Morocco, located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and near the foot of the Atlas Mountains, just north of the point where the Sous River empties into the sea.

Founded by the Portuguese around 1500, the city came under Moroccan control in 1526. In 1911, the arrival of a German gunboat triggered an international crisis between France and Germany.

Agadir was almost totally destroyed by an earthquake on February 29, 1960.

Modern-day Agadir was rebuilt 2 kilometers south of the earthquake epicenter and is now a seaport and seaside resort with a large sandy beach. Because of its large buildings, wide roads, modern hotels, and European style cafés, some consider it not typically Moroccan.

Agadir is served by the Al Massira Airport.

See also: Agadir Crisis

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