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Académie Julian

The Académie Julian was an art school in Paris, France.

The Studio by Marie Bashkirtseff
The Studio by Marie Bashkirtseff

Seen here is a painting of the Académie Julian studio by art student Marie Bashkirtseff. In 1868, the Académie Julian was established by Rodolphe Julian (1839-1902), at the Passage des Panoramas , as a studio school for art students with an academic tradition. For young women, the Académie Julian was an important alternative training center to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, the official art school of France, which barred women from studying there until 1897. Also, at the Académie the female students were allowed to paint from nude male models.

In 1888 - 1889, Les Nabis originated as a rebellious group of young student artists who banded together at the Académie.

Like its counterpart, the Académie Colarossi, it was very popular with French and foreign students, particularly Americans. The Académie accepted not only professional painters, but also serious amateurs, eager to improve. Eventually, the Académie Julian was granted the right to have its students compete for the Prix de Rome.

Because of the success of the Académie, several locations were opened over time: the initial one in the Passage des Panoramas, another one in Montmartre, and another one no.31 Rue du Dragon in the 6th arrondissement.

A few of the Académie's students:

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