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Ya (Cyrillic)

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Ya (Я, я) is a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet, representing the iotated vowel (IPA).

It is the 33rd and last letter of the Russian alphabet. In Russian language, the word "Я" is the personal pronoun "I". A popular saying based on this fact, "Ya is the last letter in the alphabet", is used to teach children modesty and humility. Interestingly, in Early Cyrillic alphabet the name "Az" of the first letter ("A") stood for "I".

The Cyrillic letters Я and И are used in faux Cyrillic typography.


Ya is actually a hybrid of two historic letters. One is A iotified (IA), a ligature of І and А, similar to letters Yu (Ю) or Iotified E (Ѥ). The other is Little Yus (Ѧ). Over time, phonetic distinction between IA and Ѧ was lost, and when Peter I introduced his "civil script" in 1708, the single letter Ya (Я) substituted for both. So, Я is a late addition to the Cyrillic alphabet. It does not exist in the Glagolitic, Greek or Latin alphabets, it has no numerical value and no name other than "Ya".

In Unicode, Я shares codepoints with IA (A iotified). The actual glyph depends on the font.

Code positions

Character encoding Case Binary Hexadecimal Octal Decimal
Unicode Capital 0000010000101111 042F 2057 1071
Small 0000010001001111 044F 2117 1103
KOI Capital 11110001 F1 361 241
Small 11010001 D1 321 209
Windows 1251 Capital 11011111 DF 337 223
Small 11111111 FF 377
ISO 8859-5 Capital 11001111 CF 317 207
Small 11101111 EF 357 239

Its HTML entity is Я or Я for capital and я or я for small letter.

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