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AWOL can also stand for: Alcohol Without Liquid

AWOL is an acronym for the United States and other armed forces expression "Absent WithOut Leave" or "Absence Without Official Leave". The United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy use the term "Unauthorized Absence" (UA) instead.

Military personnel are technically AWOL when they have failed to show up at, or have left, their military assignment without permission, or without a valid pass or leave.

These individuals become officially AWOL when they are noted on their unit's morning report as being absent without leave.

After 30 days, AWOL individuals are dropped from the unit's rolls and reported for desertion.

Colloquially, AWOL characterizes something missing or gone; not where it should be. "He made a stupid decision because his common sense went AWOL."

AWOL is also the name of a Sherbrooke, Quebec emocore band.

AWOL is also an abbrieviation for AutoWorld Online - A Singapore Online Automotive Community for Car lovers - AWOL Homepage

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