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620s BC

Centuries: 8th century BC - 7th century BC - 6th century BC

Decades: 670s BC 660s BC 650s BC 640s BC 630s BC - 620s BC - 610s BC 600s BC 590s BC 580s BC 570s BC

Events and Trends

  • 627 BC - Death of Assurbanipal, king of Assyria; he is succeeded by Assur-etel-ilani (approximate date)
  • 625 BC - Medes and Babylonians assert their independence from Assyria and attack Nineveh (approximate date)
  • 625 BC - Nabopolassar revolts against Assyria, founds the Neo-Babylonian Empire.
  • 623 BC - Sin-shar-ishkun succeeds his brother Assur-etel-ilani as king of Assyria (approximate date)

Significant People

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