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1340s BC

Centuries: 15th century BC - 14th century BC - 13th century BC

Decades: 1390s BC 1380s BC 1370s BC 1360s BC 1350s BC - 1340s BC - 1330s BC 1320s BC 1310s BC 1300s BC 1290s BC

Events and Trends

  • 1347 BC - Legendary King Erechtheus II is reportedly killed by lightning after a reign of 50 years and is succeeded by his younger brother Cecrops II.
  • 1346 BC - Pharaoh Amenhotep IV of Egypt begins his Cult of Aten and begins construction of Amarna intended to be his new capital.
  • 1345 BC - Pharaoh Amenhotep IV of Egypt renames himself to Akhenaton.

Significant People

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