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1230s BC

Centuries: 14th century BC - 13th century BC - 12th century BC

Decades: 1280s BC 1270s BC 1260s BC 1250s BC 1240s BC - 1230s BC - 1220s BC 1210s BC 1200s BC 1190s BC 1180s BC

Events and Trends

  • Aegeus, legendary King of Athens receives a false message that his son by Aethra of Troezena and designated heir Theseus is dead. The later had been sent to his overlord Minos of Crete as an offering to Minotaur. Medus, Aegeus' only other son by Medea of Colchis had been exiled in Asia and would become legendary ancestor to the Medes. Believing himself without heirs the King committed suicide after a reign of 48 years. He is succeeded by the still living Theseus. The Aegean Sea is reportedly named in his honor.

Significant People

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